Arrow Technologies offers short and long term shredder rental programs to take care of your document destruction needs while offering flexible terms. We understand there can be many variables for your requirements such as different levels of shredder security and capacity. Our shredder rentals are all-inclusive with a fixed cost, so we take the worry out of your document management demands.


As with any service the obvious question is “how much is this job going to cost?” To answer that question we have to evaluate many variables, and consider all aspects of the scope of work. We want to simplify this as much as possible, and help you determine a general overview of costs and the considerations you will need to make to complete your scanning project.

As you will see in our examples, a typical scanning project will cost between $0.06 – $0.10 per image, and there are instances when you may want to have work done on an hourly basis as opposed to a per image basis. Every document scanning business varies on their pricing, but generally it is based on the prep work, turnaround time, and volume. The more staples, paperclips and unorganized documents the higher the price will usually be. Below is a brief overview of our scanning services and the different variables.

Scanning Services:

  • On-site scanning – Staff members come to your location with high speed scanners
  • Off-site scanning – Staff members pickup documents to be scanned at our facility
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly rentals for your staff to operate for scanning and printing
  • Document storage to workstations, external drives, cloud storage, etc.
  • File organization and file naming
  • OCR Recognition
  • Document Encryption
  • File Formatting
  • Document Shredding
  • Delivery and Shipping
Laptop contacing documents that was scanned in to be either used for printing and then for secured storage or to be shredded



  • How many pages/images do you have to scan?
  • Are all of the documents at one location?


  • What is the condition of your documents?
  • Are there a lot of staples/clips and do they have to be removed and replaced?
  • Can these documents be scanned with an automatic document feeder or with a flatbed scanner individually?
  • Are the originals standard size or are they odd sized?
  • Are there different paper types and weights?

Scanning Requirements:

  • Scanning in what Format, DPI, B/W, Color, Grayscale or a mix?
  • Do you want the files named or indexed, and how intensive are the naming conventions?

Delivery and Turnaround Time:

  • How do you want the scanned images stored? Exported to CD, DVD, Flash Drive or another device?
  • Do you want the paper documents returned to you, or destroyed/shredded?
  • How quickly do you want the scope of work completed?

Cost Examples:

Flatbed Scanning: 8 images/minute = 480 images/hour (real world time estimate)

RADF Scanning: 50 images/minute = 3,000 images/hour (real world time estimate)

Hourly Rate: $50.00/hr.

Per Image Rate: $.060 – $.10 – Average Cost: $.08/image

3,000 Images – Poor Originals (Flatbed Scanning)

Hourly: 3,000/8 images/minute = 375 minutes = 6.25 hours = 6.25 x $50.00 = $312.50

Per Image Rate:  3,000 x .08/image = $240.00

3,000 Images – Excellent Originals (Automatic Feeder)

Hourly: 3,000/50 OPM = 1.0 hours = $50.00

Per Image Rate:  3,000 x .08/image = $240.00